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Chain Blocks


5.Special case: fine steel pressed shell, light and strong, not easy to counterfeit.
6.Refined chain: high strength and high quality chain, finished by 20 working processes of experienced workers;The welding is not rough, safe and feel good at the mouth.Medium frequency quenching treatment;Emergency operation, overload operation, long - term operation, ensure no accident;It can be drawn from multiple directions and can be applied more widely.Outer cover is not easy to rust, often new.

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1.Fine structure: the overall internal structure is fine, and the complexity is simple;Elegant appearance, novel and generous.The whole product is ergonomic.
2.Optimal gear: the heart of the product -- the gear is a more precise and small high-speed synchronous gear;The optimal material production directly guarantees the super stable performance of the whole product, and the wear-resisting coefficient is doubled to meet the needs of long-term overload operation.

3.New hook: human design on the hook head, so that the goods can be pulled from any direction, and the alloy foot material will not break and hurt.
4.Excellent parts: all parts come from the high quality alloy steel of the factory and select carefully, and resolutely eliminate the unqualified parts.

Chain Blocks

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