Grounding Procedure For Bridge And Gantry Cranes

Mar. 27, 2019

Here is Electric Chain Hoist China talking about Grounding procedure for bridge and gantry cranes. 

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Crane metal structures must have electrical connections; cranes working on rails can generally be grounded through wheels and tracks. In general, the metal structure of the crane and the metal casing of all electrical equipment, the pipe trough, the metal sheath of the cable and the cab are There are connections to the cartwheels. Therefore, the focus of the inspection of the grounding of the crane should be placed on the connection between the running track of the cart and the grounding line.

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According to the requirements of the “Procedure”, the following four items are considered as qualified land-based devices:

1. The grounding resistance at any point on the crane is not more than 4 ohms;

2. The cross-section of the grounding wire is not less than the requirement of “Procedure”, that is, the flat steel is not less than 150mm, and the copper wire is not less than 10mm;

3. The grounding wire and the grounding body, the grounding wire, and the cart track must be welded;

4. The metal jumper is welded to the joint of the two rail joints of the cart track.

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