How To Carry The Electric Hoist Upside Down?

Oct. 29, 2018

Lifting Chain Hoist Factory tell you something about how to make the Electric Chain Hoist upside down for the floating roof tank?

In recent years, electric hoists have been used frequently for floating roof tanks. The use of electric hoists for floating roof tank construction is due to its applicability, especially the electric hoist flip-chip method, which can highlight its advantages in this field.

Electric hoist lifting has obvious advantages and applicability. Especially for floating roof tank construction, the lifting flip method is used for 10,000 m3 outer floating roof tank. The construction of floating roof tank is high, the maintenance is inconvenient, and the low speed is generally selected. Smooth hoist work.

The electric hoist lifting and flipping method is safer, more stable, and easy to adjust. The lifting of the wall panel is only 3-5 minutes. There is no high-altitude operation, the construction is safe and reliable, and the welding of the tank wall panels is carried out on the ground. The strength of the boss is low, and it is not necessary to use large hoisting tools (cranes). If the applicability is strong, the construction is not restricted by the water source.

It is easy to control the deformation of the wall panel and ensure the geometrical accuracy of the tank body, thereby ensuring the quality of the wall panel welding and avoiding the disadvantages of the process such as water filling and dressing being unfavorable for controlling the deformation of the wall panel (especially the thin panel).

The floating roof is produced in stages, which has little effect on the tank construction, and is convenient for cross-operation and assembly line operations. The electric hoist lifting and flipping method improves labor efficiency and equipment use efficiency

How To Carry The Electric Hoist Upside Down?

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