Regular Inspection And Maintenance Of Chain Hoist

Mar. 25, 2019

Here is Manual Chain Hoist Factory talking about Regular inspection and maintenance of Hoist. 

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The crane belongs to the material handling machinery and is an intermittent movement, that is, the corresponding mechanism for taking, moving, unloading, etc. in one working cycle is alternately working. The hoisting machinery use unit should always check and maintain the hoisting machinery in use, and any abnormal situation can be found at any time and dealt with in time to ensure the safe operation of the hoisting machinery.


Daily inspection: The routine maintenance project in charge of the operation of the driver, the main content is cleaning, lubrication of the transmission parts, adjustment and fastening work. By running the test security device sensitivity, monitor the operation for abnormal sounds.

Weekly inspection: jointly carried out by the maintenance worker and the driver. Except for the daily inspection items, the main contents are visual inspection, checking the safety status of the hooks, the pick-up device, the wire rope, etc., the sensitivity and the sensitivity of the brakes, clutches, and emergency alarm devices. Observe the transmission parts for abnormal noise and overheating by running.

Monthly inspection: mainly check the status of the power system, hoisting mechanism, slewing mechanism, running mechanism and hydraulic system of the lifting machinery, replace the parts with wear, deformation, cracks and corrosion, check the feeding device for the electric control system, Whether the controller, overload protection, and safety protection device. Observing the subjective inspection of the structure, support and transmission parts of the crane, understanding the technical status of the crane and checking the source of the abnormality.

Annual inspection: technical parameters testing and testing of lifting machinery, through inspection instruments, hoisting machinery, wear of moving parts of various working mechanisms, welds of metal structures, test and flaw detection, and scheduling overhaul, renovation, and renewal plans.

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