Common Electric Hoist Types And Main Points Of Use

Oct. 29, 2018

The Electric Chain Hoist is a small lifting equipment driven by electric power, which is small, light, inexpensive and convenient to use. According to its structure, it can be divided into wire rope type electric hoist and ring chain type electric hoist.

1, ring chain electric hoist

The ring chain type electric hoist is an electric hoist with the welded ring chain as the bearing. Compared with the wire rope type electric hoist, the structure is more lightweight and the price is cheaper.

2, wire rope electric hoist

Steel Wire Rope Hoist is a kind of electric hoist which is loaded by wire rope. It has compact structure, light weight, high efficiency and simple operation. Equipped with running trolley, it can be used as hoisting mechanism for overhead monorail crane, electric single beam, electric suspension and other cranes.

3, the main points of the use of electric hoist

In order to use electric hoist safely, we must pay attention to the following points:

1, Operate strictly according to the regulations and strictly prohibit overloading.

2, the limit device is a safety device to prevent the hook from rising or falling beyond the limit position, and can not be used as a switch.

3, it is not allowed to stop the load for a long time in the air to prevent permanent deformation and other accidents.

4. After the work is completed, lift the hook up to 2cm above the ground level and cut off the power supply.

5, do not tilt lifting, so as not to damage the sling device.

6, when the weight of the drop can not stop and stop, you can quickly press the "rise" button to make the weight a little, and then press the "drop" button and don't let it loose until the weight is slowly going to the ground and then checked.

7, according to the use of the situation, regular inspection, protect good lubrication.

Common Electric Hoist Types And Main Points Of Use

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