Do You Know Common Sense Of Manual Chain Hoist?

Oct. 29, 2018

The Manual Chain Hoist is also called the inverted chain, which is a convenient and portable lifting tool. When you listen to your name, you can only know that it requires people to work. The chain hoist is divided into a circular chain hoist and a triangular chain hoist from the appearance, because the triangular chain hoist is superior to the circle, and in the market, most of Chain Hoist Manufacturer tend to be triangular. The lifting weight generally does not exceed 100T.

The braking system of the chain block hoist, when we work, often encounters brake failures, slow brakes, etc. This may be due to the failure of the brake system. Thinning of the friction plates, debris on the surfaces of the friction plates, loosening of the pawl springs, failure of the ratchet wheel and the like are the causes of the malfunction of the brakes. Therefore, before the operation, carefully check the chain block to avoid crashes during the lifting process.

The lifting chain is a key part of the chain hoist, and it is also an easily worn part. The chain hoist will pass the load test before leaving the factory. During use, the wear of the chain should be checked first. Note that other chains of strength must not be arbitrarily replaced during use.

The transmission gears, lifting chains, and hand zippers should always be maintained and protected from rust or corrosion to reduce the resistance of hanging objects. Do not throw litter after use to avoid damage to parts. The chain should not be impacted by hard objects to avoid cracks or deformation. For chain hoists that are not used for a long time, anti-rust oil should be applied to the rotating parts and stored in a dry place.

The small size of the hand chain hoist is very useful, the tools that will be used in life, the knowledge of chain hoists, and the addition of a dose for small common sense.

Do You Know Common Sense Of Manual Chain Hoist?

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