Serious Consequences Of Electric Hoist Overload

Apr. 13, 2019

Let's take a look at the following: Let's summarize some of the hazards of the electric hoist that our overloaded work brings to us:

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1. The first thing that can be predicted is that the lifting chain of the electric hoist is damaged. It is obvious that the chain is the main load-bearing part of the electric hoist. The overloading increases the bearing capacity of the chain, and the overloading causes the chain to elongate and even break.

2. There must be mechanical damage to the electric hoist after overloading. When the weight of the object exceeds the rated lifting weight of the chain hoist, there is a large pressure on the internal parts, which may easily cause damage to the sprocket and affect normal use.

3. Extremely prone to dangerous accidents. Exceeding the rated load, the damage to the electric hoist is increased, and the user is prone to various failures during use, which greatly reduces the safety of the operation and increases the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

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