What Is The Crane Brake And What Does It Do?

Apr. 30, 2019

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Crane brakes are divided into crane brakes and brakes. Crane Braking: The use of friction to convert some or all of the kinetic energy of mechanical motion into heat energy for the purpose of deceleration or braking. Stop: Use a mechanical backstop to support the object for the purpose of not moving the object.

The crane brake has the following functions:

Support; speed adjustment or speed limit

Crane brakes should meet the following basic requirements:

A. Crane braking torque can be generated to meet the requirements.

B. Crane brakes and crane brakes are fast and stable, and the action is accurate and reliable.

C. The friction member has good wear resistance and heat resistance.

D. Compact structure and small size.

E. Easy to adjust and maintain.

The crane brakes are divided into structural type, block type, belt type, and disc type according to the structure; according to the working state, normally closed and normally open.

Normally closed crane brake: When the machine is not working, the crane brakes; when the machine is working, the crane brake is released.

Open crane brakes: Crane brakes are normally released, only when needed.

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