Lifting Belt Use And Maintenance Points

Oct. 29, 2018

The sling is an indispensable part of the rigging, and it is also a kind of lock which is more common in the hardware locks. So is it more common to know the hoisting belt? Then let's take a look at it with Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturer.

Precautions for use

1. Do not use damaged slings;

2. When hoisting, do not twist or twist the sling;

3, do not let the sling knotted when using;

4, to avoid tearing the joint joint parts or overload work;

5. When moving the sling, do not drag the sling;

6. Avoid the load caused by the sling caused by the strong or shock;

7, each sling must be carefully checked before use;

8. Polyester has the function of resisting inorganic acid, but it is vulnerable to organic acid;

9. Fibre is suitable for use in places most resistant to chemicals;

10. If the sling is used in chemical contamination or at high temperatures, you should seek advice from the supplier.

Maintenance method

1. When moving the Crane Lifting Straps and cargo, do not drag it. Don't tie it up.

2. The soft ring should not be damaged with any equipment that might cause damage to it.

4. Slings without sheaths should not be used to carry goods with sharp corners and edges.

5, should avoid the soft ring opening angle of more than 20 °.

6. The sling should be stored in the dark and without ultraviolet radiation.

7. The sling should not be stored near an open flame or other heat source.

8. When the sling is not used, place the sling in a well-lit area.

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