Advantages And Characteristics Of Electric Chain Hoist

May. 08, 2019

Here is Electric Chain Hoist China talking about Functions of rail fastenings. 

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1. Advantages of Electric Chain Hoist:

The electric chain hoist is reliable, easy to operate and has a wide range of applications.

Compact design, small size, and lightweight

Features of Electric Chain Hoist:

The fuselage of the electric chain hoist is made of the high-strength stretched casing, and can also be die-cast aluminum casing according to your requirements.

The precision manufacturing process of the film makes the body small, light and strong.

A separate speed control system is used.

The 2-stage coaxial drive speed gear mechanism uses a long-life oil bath lubrication system.

Overload protection with electric hoist powder metallurgy clutch

Brake disc uses a DC magnetic field, large braking torque, stable, fast, low noise, etc.

Electric Chain Hoist China

2. Lifting motor

The Electric Chain Hoist lifting motor can work continuously for 30 minutes, full load, high performance, and has Class B insulation.

3. Lifting Chain

The electric chain hoist lifting chain is made of low carbon steel alloy, which makes the chain more tough, firm and wearable, and ensures safe work.

The hardened chain surface of the electric chain hoist prevents damage to the core material and the product, ensuring high performance and long service life of the lifting chain.

The hoisting chain can be expanded according to customer requirements, making the electric chain hoist more convenient.

Equipped with a chain bag, the electric chain hoist is more orderly, neat and beautiful.

The chain bag contains anti-rust oil, so that the lifting chain does not rust and prolongs the service life.

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