Electric Chain Hoist: A Valued Partner (2)

Feb. 15, 2019

As Chain Hoist Manufacturer, we will discuss what is ECH with you.

Variable speed drives have been introduced to string hoists several decades back, along with also the managing of goods became quicker and smoother. This drive technology helped with cycle times and operator comfort. Important maintenance information can be recorded and used to troubleshoot or alert you to improper usage. It turned out to be a fantastic new start for an aging workhorse. 

But more recently, smart attributes -- formerly only available on procedure cranes - have already been added into electric chain hoists, taking these components to a different level.

Shock loading.

Using the upper limit switch as an “operating” limit.

Brake adjustments.


Lack of speed.

Too much speed.

Twisted chain links.

Slip clutch adjustments.

Spare parts inventory.


Chain Wear.

Lifting too high, lifting too low.

Oil changes.

Gearcase inspections.

Poor ergonomics.

Each of these situations can be detrimental to our operations and will increase the risk of harm and production loss. New chain hoist technologies that are available today can address these potential security and production risks.

Electric Chain Hoist currently on the market are available with new pocket and chain wheel designs that prolong lifespan and reduced noise pollution emitted by these machines. Maintenance-free transmissions with purpose-built gearing supply this ergonomic benefit and reduced overall life cost with no scheduled maintenance for the designed lifetime. Self-adjusting brakes are standard on several models which further reduces maintenance demands and related costs.

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2 Ton Electric Chain Hoist

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