The Following Situation May Occur When The Electric Chain Hoist Is Ill

May. 24, 2019

As light and small lifting hoist, Electric Chain Hoist China is very widely used. If the following situation occurs in the electric chain hoist during use, it means that it is "ill" and needs immediate "admission" treatment.

The Electric Chain Hoist For Factories has abnormal sound during work: this sound may be caused by faults in the control motor, motor, reducer, etc., and abnormal noise will occur in these parts. No matter which kind of sound is produced, the electric chain hoist needs to be "admitted" for treatment. After inspection by professional maintenance personnel, the cause of the abnormality can be quickly detected and repaired.

 Electric Chain Hoist For Factories

The Electric Chain Hoist MD TYPE can no longer start normally after stopping the work: when the electric hoist carries heavy objects, if the heavy object rises to midair, it will stop if it stops for some reason, and then it will not start when it starts again. Need to be "admitted to hospital" in a timely manner. Check if the overall voltage of the device is too low. If the voltage is too low, stop the operation first, and then resume the operation after the voltage is restored. If not, it is also necessary to check whether the rope guide is installed in the correct position, and if the rope guide is damaged from time to time, if it is found to be severely worn, it should be replaced in time.

The electric heating of the electric hoist is too high, and it is necessary to "admit treatment". The maintenance personnel need to check whether the electric hoist is overloaded with the load. If the motor is heated due to overloading, it is easy to burn the electric hoist in this case. If the motor is not heated too high due to the overload of the electric hoist, then it should be checked whether the electric hoist works as specified. When the electric hoist is working, the rotation of the motor will also cause friction. The electric hoist caused by the frictional heat is too high. If this happens, the work should be stopped first to adjust the working condition of the motor.

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