Electric Chain Hoist Must Stop Operation In These Environments

Oct. 29, 2018

In actual use, there are many special weather special places that are not conducive to Electric Chain Hoist operation. If no protective measures are prepared for forced operation, it is very likely that the electric hoist will stop running, damage the electric hoist and even various accidents. So which environment is not conducive to the operation of electric hoist?Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers will tell you.

1. The working place is dull, unable to see the location, the condition of the suspended object and the command signal. In this case, the visibility of the surrounding environment must be increased. If it is still blurred or cannot be seen clearly, stop the operation immediately.

2. Somebody or floating objects on the object being lifted, we must clean it up.

3. Swing, pull or pull the weight in an unreliable state, and pay attention to the chain not to be entangled by the cable.

4. The binding is not firm or unbalanced, causing sliding, and there is no padding between the edge of the heavy object and the wire rope;

5. The structure or parts have shortcomings or damages that affect the smoothness of the operation. For example, if the brake equipment fails, the hook nut is loosened, the wire rope, and the lifting damage to the scrapping standard, the operation should be stopped immediately and the new parts replaced.

6. The overload or the component of the object is not light, such as hanging a straight object with a weight or a low pulling force, and a diagonally inclined crane.

7, the limited handle can not be used to directly pull the heavy object, the electric hoist is prohibited from carrying people, the object can not exceed the rated load and size.

All of these factors are not conducive to the operation of the electric hoist. We must check the equipment itself and evaluate the surrounding environment before use. If everything meets the operating conditions, it can be lifted.

Electric Chain Hoist Must Stop Operation In These Environments

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