Electric Chain Hoist: A Valued Partner (3)

Feb. 16, 2019

As a Lowered Noise Electric Chain Hoist manufacturer, let's continue what we did last time.

Drive technologies now supply us with Smart Characteristics as a standard offering. Programmable limits allow you to optimize your lifting envelope to decrease cycle times and at the exact same time address the issue of improperly using the conventional upper limit for a means of stopping the hoist (dangerous!) . A programmable limit switch may be an operating limit which offers added protection to the employee, product, and surrounding region.

New technology has also given us slack chain detection that will reduce the danger of the twisted series, protect sensitive parts being handled with a heavy beneath the hook attachment, and most importantly, reduce the potential risk of harm when too much chain is accidentally drawn out by the operator. These dangers can and have led to the abrupt falling of the load but may be avoided with this brand new technology.

The Wire Rope Electric Hoist can be outfitted with shock load prevention that counteracts this harmful and destructive event, protecting the operator and the gear.

Hours can be exhibited, events recorded, electronic overloads could be programmed and PLC's could be interfaced with this "simple" workhorse. The operator has a much better user experience with comfortable controls, optimized lifting functions, and less chance of harm or harm.

There are a number of different options and capabilities available on the current electric chain hoists to help with the particular requirements of your unique operation. From simple contactor controls to inverter technology with smart features, the series hoist is no longer only a commodity product but can be a valued partner in attaining your safety and productivity goals.

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Electric Chain Hoist For Warehouses


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