Electric Chain Hoist With Anti-stripping Effect

May. 17, 2019

The Electric Chain Hoist is a light and small lifting equipment, mainly used in factory warehouses, commercial warehouses, supermarkets, shopping malls, storage departments, etc. The electric chain hoists in the prior art are mainly composed of reducers, motors, and chains. However, due to the unreasonable layout of the reducer, the motor, and the chain, the electric chain hoist has a large volume, and the number of parts of the electric chain hoist is large. Since the parts are mostly non-standard parts, it is necessary to produce these parts. Customizing a lot of molds, which is not conducive to the production management of parts and components, and is not conducive to the risk control of the production of electric chain hoists, and the prior art does not protect the chain around the sprocket, often It is easy to be unchained during the ascent, resulting in low safety of the electric chain hoist.

Electric Chain Hoist For Warehouses

The Electric Chain Hoist For Factories device comprises a shared box body and a motor assembly and a reducer assembly disposed on two sides of the common box body, and the support shaft of the output shaft of the reducer assembly is respectively provided with a support bearing, the support bearing a support bearing seat fixed to the inside of the common casing; characterized in that it further comprises a chain assembly, the chain assembly comprising a sprocket, a chain and a chain guide device for preventing the chain from falling off, wherein the sprocket is provided The output shaft of the reducer assembly, and the sprocket is located between the two support bearings; the chain guide device comprises a chain guide ring and two guide chain plates, respectively, the chain links of the two guide chain plates and the guide chain ring The inlet and outlet are connected, the chain guide ring is disposed outside the sprocket, and the chain is located between the sprocket and the chain guide ring and surrounds the sprocket.

The Electric Chain Hoist For Warehouses device adopts a reasonable layout of the reducer assembly, the motor assembly, and the chain assembly so that the structure of the real chain device is more compact, and at the same time, the support is provided at both ends of the output shaft of the reducer assembly. The bearing supports the lifting load, and the output gear cantilever is arranged at one end of the output shaft of the reducer assembly, thereby effectively improving the force of the output shaft and ensuring the safety of the chain device.

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