Electric Hoist Maintenance Points 10-17

Oct. 29, 2018

A few days ago we talked about Electric Hoist Maintenance Points 1-9, and today we continue Points 10-17.


10. When adjusting the electric hoist brake slip, ensure that the brake slip amount S ≤ V / 100 under the rated load (V is the distance that the load rises stably within the next minute).

11. Scraping standards for steel wire ropes: The inspection and scrapping standards for steel wire ropes are carried out in accordance with CB/T5972-1986 "Practical Specification for Inspection and Disposal of Steel Wire Ropes for Lifting Machinery".

12. Electric hoist must maintain sufficient lubricating oil and keep the lubricating oil clean and should not contain impurities and dirt.

13. Hard wire brush or wooden small piece should be used when oiling the wire rope. It is strictly forbidden to directly apply oil to the working wire rope by hand.

14. When the electric hoist is not working, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air to prevent permanent deformation of the parts.

15. If a fault is found during use, the main power supply should be cut off immediately.

16. Special attention should be paid to the wearing parts during use.

17.10~20 tons of hoist may have automatic power-off after continuous operation for a long time. This is the overheat protection function of the motor. At this time, it can be lowered. After a period of time, the motor can continue to work after it has cooled down.

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Electric Hoist Maintenance Points 10-17

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