How to Install a Chain Electric Hoist?

Oct. 29, 2018

The Electric Chain Hoist is a lifting tool that is often used inside the workshop. This small size, light weight, easy installation, stable and stable hoist, has begun to replace the bulky electric hoist, while CD type electric The gourd will also be slowly replaced. Before purchasing the electric chain hoist, you can distinguish the quality of the electric chain hoist according to the following points. 

First, after the power is turned on, control the electric chain hoist to move up and down and left and right, observe whether the direction key is correct, and pay attention to whether the up and down operation stops. There is a brake sound. When you look at the stop, the chain will slide down. If it is, the friction plate is too loose or the installation is not normal. 

After there is no problem, press the up and down keys to observe the running distance. The smaller the distance, the better the chain hoist. Tips: In some factories or workshops, sometimes you need to run a small distance, such as installation or docking, you need to slowly raise or lower the hoist to facilitate calibration and installation, but the chain hoist is mostly single speed, sometimes the two-speed Slow speed can not meet the installation speed, this time can be a little press the button way, that is, click to stop, the time is very short, so the range of movement is relatively small, you can calibrate after each tap, and so on, will The device was successfully installed. This is also the reason why it is necessary to check the lifting distance when selecting the electric chain hoist. In principle, the smaller the lifting distance, the better.

How to Install a Chain Electric Hoist?

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