Instruction of Manual Chain Hoist

Oct. 29, 2018

This article is from ZOHO, manual chain hoist supplier. It talks about the instructions of manual chain hoist.

Instructions of Manual Chain Hoist

1. Select the proper lever hoist to use, no overloading is allowed.

2. Check the safety of the opponent's hoist before use, and at the same time, carry out the no-load test on the opponent's hoist and adjust the position of the lower hook according to the actual requirements.

3, The lower hook adjustment method is: pull the dial, so that the dial block in the "N" position, counterclockwise rotation and pull out the hand wheel, this time, the clutch is open, pull out the chain can easily adjust the lower hook In the position, the handwheel should be rotated clockwise to return it to its original position after the adjustment.

4. After the adjustment, hang the heavy object in the middle of the lower hook and pull the handle to lift the heavy object.

Instruction of Manual Chain Hoist

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