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Feb. 01, 2019

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Lifting gear can include various built-in security characteristics, but to really produce a safer workplace, it's crucial to learning crane security methods. Crane episodes (near hits, near misses & injuries ) are frequently due to operator error. Various studies have demonstrated that human error plays an important part in over 80% of overhead lifting equipment injuries.

In our analysis, which examined almost 250 OSHA reported crane incidents, we decided that 70 percent of those incidents might have been averted by appropriate coaching and 74% of those events happened during regular job actions. Businesses which use Konecranes gear -- along with other manufacturers of 

cranes and hoists-- will and will gain from this program.

The practice is practical, completely predicated on real-world, on-the-job expertise. Students may take their instruction in the Institute and put on the training right to their operations.

Our programs teach overhead crane operators the following important information:

1. Crane operator techniques that minimize load swing and how to control it.

2. How to document and perform OSHA-required crane inspections

3. Recommended hand signals

4. Rigging process for attaching a load to the hook

5. Crane operator qualifications and requirements

6. Functions of crane components and assemblies

We offer to consult services to help businesses safely use overhead lifting equipment.

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