How To Use The Chain Hoist Efficiently?

Oct. 29, 2018

Many people who have used the Light Weight Chain Block believe that there is such a question. Why is it that the use of chain hoists is extremely efficient, and some people use the work slowly, which is the reason?

In fact, in the operation of Chain Blocks HS-VT, improving the efficiency of operations requires starting from the aspects of operation and maintenance, including the following:

First, the chain hoist operating procedures must be strictly observed to avoid malfunctions during operation. In particular, it is forbidden to observe the phenomenon of hanging and pulling, overloading, etc., as the operator should be flexible.

Second, it is necessary to ensure that the parts are adequately lubricated. The use of lubricating oil can effectively reduce the friction inside the chain hoist operating mechanism and the chain to a lower level, ensuring sufficient lubrication and ensuring work efficiency.

Third, maintain a stable balance when lifting. The weight and the chain hoist mechanism are in a balanced and stable state, avoiding swaying, keeping the tension stable and reducing the risk of accidents.

Finally, the hand hoist should be regularly maintained, and the worn parts should be replaced in time to ensure the efficiency of the chain hoist.

How To Use The Chain Hoist Efficiently?

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