How To Maintain The Chain Hoist After being Rained?

Oct. 29, 2018

Maintenance method of Lever Chain Hoist after being rained

Rainwater is a combination of easily soluble substances such as corrosive gases in the air and water vapor, and the main body of corrosive objects in the air is acidic, so the rain itself is acidic, and the hand hoist will increase when it is exposed to rain for a long time. The possibility of corrosion of the gourd will also cause the chain and parts to rust.

The correct way is to dry it and dry it first after the rain, (the parts are best blown dry with a hair dryer). If the internal parts cannot be completely dried, the hoist cover can be taken apart for drying, and then completely dry. Secondly, rust-proof grease or lubricating oil should be applied to the corrosive parts.

After the above steps, the next time you use it, Lever Blocks Suppliers In China need to carry out a safe trial run, which can be used normally. After the normal treatment, the chain hoist has no obvious influence, but it is necessary to reduce the number of times the chain hoist is rained.

How To Maintain The Chain Hoist After being Rained?

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