Maintenance Method of Manual Chain Hoist

Oct. 29, 2018

The theme of article is maintenance method of manual chain hoist, from ZOHO, electric chain hoist and manual chain hoist supplier.

Maintenance Method of Manual Chain Hoist

1. After use, the gourd should be cleaned, coated with rust-proof grease, and stored in a dry place.

2. Maintenance and inspection should be performed by those who are familiar with the hoist mechanism to prevent them from being arbitrarily disassembled without understanding the principle of the machine's performance.

3. The gears are installed according to the drawings.

4. When installing the slotted nut, turn the handwheel clockwise first so that the ratchet wheel and the friction plate are pressed against the brake air seat and the slot nut is installed.

5. After the gourd has been cleaned and inspected for maintenance, an empty and heavy-duty test should be conducted to confirm that the work is normal, automatic and reliable before it can be used. The friction surface of the brake must be kept clean, and sludge pollution is strictly prohibited.

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