Six Ways To Extend The Life Of The Chain Hoist

Oct. 29, 2018

Whether used indoors or outdoors, for a long time, the Manual Chain Hoist will have different degrees of wear and rust. In order to make the chain hoist have a longer service life, Chain Hoist Supplier need to pay attention to maintenance and repair from daily life.

1. Long-term use or shelving will cause the chain hoist to be contaminated with dust and debris, which is not conducive to the operation of the hoist. At this time, it needs to be wiped clean with a soft rag, if the internal parts are dusty or debris can be cleaned with a small brush. After cleaning, it should be coated with anti-rust grease and stored in a dry place to prevent rust.

2. After the cleaning, inspection and overhaul of the chain hoist, the no-load and heavy-load tests are carried out to confirm that the operation is normal, automatic and reliable before delivery.

3. The conflicting surface of the brakes should be kept clean to prevent contamination of the sludge.

4. Every year, the chain hoist should be repaired at least 4 times, such as using a diesel cleaning machine and lubricated with calcium grease.

5. The old lifting chain can not be mixed with some new chains, otherwise it will easily be impacted in the transmission and the chain will break.

6. Protection and overhaul work should be carried out by people who know the chain hoist tissue.

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