Some Minor Problems In The Use Of Electric Hoists

Apr. 25, 2019

As Electric Chain Hoist For Factories, we will discuss Some minor problems in the use of electric hoists with you.

The electric hoist is a safe and easy way to move and lift equipment, tools, and consumables weighing up to 200 kg. Secure the fully automatic electric hoist to the ceiling or top beam to lift any item in the garage or store. The 1.5-meter long wired control switch means you can stand on the ground and adjust the workload to a manageable position without a sweat. This fully automatic hoist does not require hand cranking, so anyone can easily move and lift large items. Ideal for tractor and engine repair, or for the construction site for heavy construction materials.

Electric Chain Hoist For Factories

Question: Is there a way to extend the cable controller? I need to hoist the electric hoist about 5 meters, and I see it only has a 1.5-meter power cord.

Answer: I use every gourd I get. I have done several methods.

One of them: simply splicing the wires and using the mating connector, then sticking the tape.

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