Precautions for Using the Electric Hoist

Oct. 29, 2018

1) Check the work before use

a. There should be no obstacles and floating objects on the route of the operator's walking, the range of sight, and the passage of heavy objects.

b. The manual control button should be accurate and sensitive in up and down and left and right directions, and the motor and reducer should have no abnormal sound.

c. The brake should be sensitive and reliable.

d. There should be no foreign matter on the running track of the electric hoist.

e. The upper and lower limiter actions should be accurate and sensitive.

f. The hook stop nut should be fastened firmly.

g. The hook should be flexible in horizontal and vertical rotation.

h. The hook pulley should be flexible.

i. The steel wire rope should have no obvious cracks, and it should be arranged neatly on the reel. There is no sign of the pulley groove, the twisting, the folding buckle, etc., and the lubrication is good.

j. Hanging aids have no abnormalities.

k. The working environment temperature of electric hoist is -25~+40°C

l. Electric hoist is not suitable for places filled with corrosive gases or relative humidity greater than 85%. It is not a substitute for explosion-proof hoists. It is not suitable for lifting molten metal or toxic, flammable and explosive materials.

(2) Electric hoists shall not hoist heavy objects on the side, and shall not be overloaded.

(3) During the use process, the operator should check whether the wire rope is disordered, knotted, dropped, worn, etc., if it should be removed in time, and always check whether the rope guide and limit switch are safe and reliable.

(4) In the daily work, the limiter should not be artificially used to stop the lifting of heavy objects or stop the operation of the equipment.

(5) After the work is completed, turn off the main power switch and cut off the main power.

(6) Special maintenance personnel should be inspected once a week for the main performance and safety status of the electric hoist, and the faults should be eliminated in time.

Precautions for Using the Electric Hoist

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