The Specific Reason For Electric Hoist Slipping

Oct. 29, 2018

There are three reasons for Electric Chain Hoist:

The wire arranging wire of the electric hoist on the electric hoist is worn.

The gears or sleeves between the motor and the hinge roller are worn (this must be removed).

There is a problem with the travel switch.

Before the electric hoist is used, it is necessary for the Electric Wire Rope Hoist Manufacturers to do a simple safety check to avoid the abnormal problems of some parts and to do the danger prevention work in advance.

1. The button of the operation handle controls the direction and the brakes and limiters are sensitive and accurate.

2. The wire rope has no defects, good lubrication and neatly arranged.

3. The motor and reducer rotate without abnormal noise.

4. There are no obstacles in the electric hoist track and personnel walking area.

5. Hooks and pulleys can be rotated flexibly.

The Specific Reason For Electric Hoist Slipping

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