Can You Use Electric Hoist In Rainy Weather?

Oct. 29, 2018

Now that we are in July, we find that the current weather is particularly easy to change. Sometimes there will be rain in the clear sky, and when we use the Electric Chain Hoist, we may even encounter rain. Then some users will ask Lifting Chain Hoist Factory, can we use electric hoists in rainy days? The original intention of asking this question is that everyone knows that there is an electric motor inside the electric hoist, and the electric motor belongs to the electric appliance. The common attribute of the electric appliance is that water cannot be seen.We suggested that you should not use it when it rains.

1. The measures to prevent rainwater must be done. For outdoor use, it is necessary to do the rainwater measures of the body itself. The rain cover must be covered on the electric hoist. The general construction site does not have a grounding net, but we At the time of equipment, at least the grounding wire should be used to make the hoist grounding protection device to prevent personal injury caused by serious accidents such as electric leakage. The top and side of the fuselage prevent rain splashing and avoid splashing rain on our equipment. This kind of weather environment is just a good condition for generating rust. If it is not covered, the machine will rust and it will not be worth the loss.

2. If it is necessary to use it in rainy days, the operator should also take protective measures to find a place where the real-time status of the machine can be seen, to avoid the abnormality of the equipment, and to regret it after causing serious consequences.

3. If the sky is thundering and there is lightning, be sure not to use it. Just as we were educated by our family from an early age, don't hide in the rain under the big trees in the thunderstorm, don't get close to the poles. Metal objects in the high places are easy to generate induced voltages with charged particles in the thunder. At this time, electric shock accidents are extremely prone to occur, and thunderstorms do not go up to the equipment. After all, equipment is valuable, and human life is priceless.

The above is to give you some things to pay attention to when using electric hoists on rainy days. We should wipe or dry the electric hoist after the rain stops, and then check if there is any problem with the parts. Look at the oil in the place where the oil is used. How much, you can also use a multimeter to test whether our hoist is leaking, and put it in a dry place for inspection after inspection.

Can You Use Electric Hoist In Rainy Weather?

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