What Are The Uses Of Webbing Sling?

Mar. 07, 2019

Rigging is more common in steel wire ropes, mainly used for lifting, pulling and tensioning, etc., because of the high strength and toughness, it has been well received by everyone. But should the wire ropes be malleable?

Let's Lifting Slings Belt Factory talk about this issue mainly. Let's first say that everything is malleable, just the difference in the extension curve. Here we still use the terminology to talk about the tensile stress curve. As a tool, we must first ensure that the elastic stress range cannot be exceeded. This requires our rigging to take into account the maximum stress value that can be taken during production, and then reverse the rigging process.

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Of course, the wire ropes are not used in a single use when they are used. It is often a combination of many complicated structures. This requires us to consider the influence of the force analysis on the ductility of the rigging. Of course, from this point of view, the rigging should have a certain degree of ductility, because if the sling itself is suddenly stressed and has no tensile properties during lifting, the rigging itself will carry an excessive momentary tensile stress. It is easy to exceed the ultimate stress that it can withstand. If there is a certain elastic tension, it will play a certain buffering effect when lifting, which can greatly reduce the probability of the steel wire rope breaking.

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